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Roadmap to Billions Conference

June 15-17, 2022

Roadmap to Billions is the only annual tech conference created exclusively by Black women founders for Black women founders and their supporters. This award-winning 2-day virtual experience provides a space to showcase our brilliance in tech, create a stage for our experiences, foster deep connections and generate real funding opportunities.

Talk Tech Learning Series vol. 1: Back to Basics

Black Women Talk Tech and JP Morgan & Chase Co. are joining forces to support Black and brown entrepreneurs. The Learning Series curriculum was created to teach founders how to build and scale a tech business and strengthen the economic foundation of Black communities.

Develop a Tech Mindset to drive innovation in your work and become more tech-enabled. This course will empower beginners and career transitioners to develop a tech mindset through a mix of lectures that will advance your tech acumen.

  • Overcome barriers to entry in the tech industry
  • Level up your understanding of the tech landscape
  • Navigate careers in tech
  • Become more tech-savvy in your own role

Unicorn Ambition Conference

October 2022

Black Men Talk Tech’s Unicorn Ambition Conference is the only national tech conference which focuses on the impact work of increasing the participation of Black tech entrepreneurs in the Innovation Economy. Despite the many successes of Black men in the tech industry, Black men are still underrepresented as founders. Black Men Talk Tech is fixing that problem with their authentic ecosystem for Black men who are scaling to Unicorn status.

The Face of a Founder Summit

On-Demand Conference virtual

We created a space for Black women founders, investors and partners to connect and address the funding needs across the tech startup sector. At this half-day event, we promote Black women tech founder businesses and the strategic conversations and collaborations needed to scale them up and take business to the next level. Click to secure access to the sessions.

Membership Platform

Join a community of go getters and builders. We create masterclasses, panels, fireside chats, and digital classes all focused on tangible advice and education that helps our members move their startups forward.

Partner with Us

As we continue to identify, support, and encourage Black women tech founders, we seek to partner with organizations whose values align and reach amplifies our efforts. Please join us in the charge to help Black women build the next billion-dollar business.

In Association with Black Women Talk Tech

Black Men Talk Tech

Our affiliate organization, Black Men Talk Tech, is a collective of tech founders helping Black men identify, support and find resources to create the next Unicorn. They too are unapologetic in their support of Black men founders. Visit their website to see how they’re impacting the tech industry.
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