Black Women Talk Tech Presents: The 6th Annual Roadmaps to Billions Conference

In 2017, Creating a space to connect Black women tech founders and professionals from far and wide was the mission for  Black Women Talk Tech. The goal to identify, support, and encourage Black women to build the next billion-dollar business, step into tech and jumpstart their careers has evolved into a massive network and community. 

Over the years, the Roadmaps to Billions conference has had panels with high-profile entrepreneurs, including Courtney Adeleye and Kandi Burruss, and sponsors like Microsoft, Nike, Bumble, Target, and Shea Moisture. What was once a crowd of 300 attendees has now grown into thousands.

This year’s conference is back in person at Brooklyn Navy Yard and online from June 15th to 17th and will be nothing short of amazing! Some sponsors include but are not limited to PayPal, Bloomberg, Intuit, Meta, VSCO, and Hinge. 

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

Who Will Be There?

Along with our general sponsors, for all three- days of RTB, there will be recruiting sponsors, investors, founders, professionals, and tech-enthusiasts worldwide who will fill the rooms. Some key speakers are:

  • Founder of Hairbrella, Tracey Pickett
  • Celebrity Ghostwriter, Pauleanna Reid
  • CEO of The Black Upstart, Kezia Williams
  • Founder and CEO of RAVN, Tani Chambers
  • Senior Client Advisor for Morgan Stanley, Carla Harris
  • Vice President, Regulatory Relations · PayPal, Andrea Donkor
  • Recruiting Sponsor, Victoria’s Secret
  • Recruiting Sponsor, Morgan Stanley

Think that’s all? Not even close, this year’s conference will feature over 70 speakers and sponsors from all different industries. As the days get closer, there will be even more announcements via social media and here. 

What Can You Expect?

Starting with our Pajama Jammy Jam for Founders and VIPs for a pre-event kickoff, the following days will be full of action-packed activations, phenomenal sessions, and can’t-miss workshops.

  • Pitch Competition: “Shark Tank” anyone? This is the time for the Boss Women of the BWTT community to put their best stiletto forward for their chance to be the 1st Place Winner. Each individual that applies will have the opportunity to pitch their business and vision to a panel of elite judges in hopes of claiming the Grand Prize of $20K. Here’s just a sample of the activations to look forward to:
  • Beauty Lounge: Who doesn’t want to add a little more glam to their day? Step into The Beauty Lounge, where tech meets glam, fashion, and lifestyle. Want to indulge in a pamper session, learn the hottest trends of 2022, or stop for a touchup throughout the day? The Beauty Lounge has you covered.
  • Wellness Lounge: It’s time to tap in, ladies! This experience will invite each woman to practice knowable silence as she immerses herself in the beautiful work that moves her to make a deeper connection to self. Hold space for lessons, healing, and release from anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.
    • Programs:
      • Mindful Meditation
      • Breath Work & Energy Visualization
      • Reflection Journaling
  • Crypto and NFT Corner: Join our discussions in an intimate deep dive into the world of crypto and NFTs, hosted by Gary Vee’s latest venture: VaynerNFT. Learn next-level ways to invest the smart way.
  • Melanin Lounge: It’s time to relax & recharge from a day full of activities. When you need a break, step into the Melanin Lounge for a quick massage, a cup of coffee, or just relax while listening to some music to get you pumped for the rest of the day.
  • Crowdfunding Corner: New to Crowdfunding? This unique experience will be filled with demos and conversations from across the industry that make you want to learn more.

Some sessions and workshops include:

  • Fireside Chat: Me and My Investor: A Startup Story
  • Ted Talk: What You Need to Know about CannaTech
  • Keynote Salary Negotiation w/ Sara Joyner
  • Ted Talk Tokens, NFTs, Metaverses. What Exactly is Web 3?
  • Panel: Web 3 Startups (Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse)
  • Ted Talk Productivity and SYSTEMs to Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, & Money!

Where Will It Be?

This year RTB conference will be at Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is the center of urban manufacturing and innovation. Spanning 300 acres along Brooklyn’s waterfront, housing 500+ businesses, and employing 11,000+ people, the Yard is a hub for innovative companies to establish roots and expand. The Yard’s picturesque views overlooking Downtown Brooklyn and 50,000 square feet of space make it the perfect venue for this year’s Roadmap to Billions!

building 303 - brooklyn navy yard

For more information on all things Roadmaps to Billions, visit here

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