Interested in Partnering with BWTT?

Now in our 6th year, Black Women Talk Tech has seen extraordinary growth and success due, in large part, to the continued support of our partners. In a distinct effort to continue that growth, we are excited to enhance the offerings and opportunities within our Community Partner Program. Above and beyond sharing BWTT news, resources, and events, we’d like to activate our partners as ambassadors, affiliates, experts, hosts, and more. In turn, our commitment to our community is to provide them with the resources needed to build the next billion-dollar business. This undertaking is supplemented by the extensive programs, information, and knowledge base that exists within our partner organizations. We invite you to complete our community partner form (link: or keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our BWTT Community Partner Program.

What does a partnership with BWTT look like?

To simplify the process for welcoming past and potential partners, we’ve created a menu of offerings that a partnership could include. We recognize that every partnership is as unique as the organization behind it, and we are open to collaborating in the ways which work best for you. Here is just a sampling of what is possible as a Black Women Talk Tech Community Partner.

Please click the link below to complete the Community Partner form. We look forward to doing great work to continue advancing Black tech founders on their journey to building billion-dollar businesses.


The Black Women Talk Tech brand encompasses Black Women Talk Tech, Black Men Talk Tech, Black Students Talk Tech, and our nonprofit organization, Talk Tech. A partnership with Black Women Talk Tech expands beyond our reach of 2,500 members in our community and 70,000 across our platforms but more extensively to that of our partner brands.

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