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Black Women Networking

Business networking is a massive part of success and growth, no matter what industry you’re in. For black women entrepreneurs, it can be the key to helping them grow professionally.

Building a solid network of business leaders in America, particularly in your community, offers you the support you need in your career.

More importantly, it can help spread your positive impact to Black women who wish to become business owners but don’t have the role models to do so.

But how do you network when you aren’t sure where to start? This short guide will take you through everything you need to know about private and public sector professional development and community resources.

How to Find Your Best Network

The good news is that there are seemingly endless avenues of support through networking out there in America.

The hard part is figuring out which one is where you should invest your time and other resources.

Look for open networking groups with professional women within your driving area, particularly in your immediate community. These are often prominent organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and businesses that offer dynamic networking events geared toward leadership.

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Members of these businesses and companies often offer mentoring relationships as part of their membership. They want to connect with others who have a dream and provide them with the skills and ability to make it come true.

They’re not usually geared toward a particular group, like a black women’s network. However, they still offer business networking events that can propel you to success when you meet the right person.

Closed Networking Groups

Unlike open networking groups, these are limited to the membership for only people who meet the criteria.

Some professional groups are specifically designed to empower black women business owners through strategic business networking events and country-wide community support.

As you’re looking for the right fit, you’ll need a network designed for career women and new entrepreneurs.

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Black Women’s Network Groups to Consider

These private organizations that focus on black entrepreneurship in general or black women business owners always have events around the USA. As widespread as they are, there’s a good chance you can access their services from your area:

Black Women’s Network

Not to be confused with the National Black Women’s Network, which is based out of the UK, this organization is headquartered in Inglewood, California.

The group intends to provide a place that links Black females together for career advancement and resource sharing.

Black Women in Business

“Dedicated to educating, uniting, and inspiring businesswomen,” this group focuses on the growth of black women entrepreneurs but doesn’t discriminate against other women who wish to join.

Code Fever

If you want to get into business but aren’t sure how to get the skills and services you need in a tech-heavy world, Code Fever can help. Located in Miami, Florida, this group offers resources, training, funds, and more to those in the Black community who join.

Black Girl Ventures

As a member of Black Girl Ventures, you’ll get the education and resources you need for the long-term growth of your business. This group is designed to help you control your business career using a network of support, mainly through other black women business owners.

The Black upStart

While this isn’t a strictly black women’s network, it does teach aspiring Black entrepreneurs how to break into the USA business world and become successful. Run by Kezia Williams, a speaker at this year’s Roadmap to Billions conference, Black women and men are encouraged to join, attend events, and enjoy the benefits of being in business with a network of support in America.


Member benefits of Verticle404 include education, mentorship, and career networking for Black and Latinx women and men.

Based in Atlanta, this group can boost your business career by connecting with others in the USA who want to see your growth in action. When you meet other members at in-person events or online, they’ll encourage you to thrive and help you manage the obstacles that come your way.

Opportunity Hub

Instead of a particular “black women’s network” group, OpportunityHub is a platform where your member benefits grant you access to a network of men and women who support your growing career.

Your account gives you the resources to build business careers, get the tech, startup, and training to take you through life as a business owner, and support others as they begin and grow their careers.

The program aims to create multi-generational wealth without any previous family money to help you.

Build Your Business in America With Support

Each of these organizations intends to provide the underserved community with the support and tools necessary to build a thriving career in business.

The network you create and the other member benefits involved give you access to resources you would not be able to connect with alone.

Check the websites for any of these organizations you’re interested in to see if you meet the qualifications to be a member and, eventually, maybe even a mentor!

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You can decide whether you want your professional development to consist of black women business owners groups, in particular, or any organization with members who are dedicated to helping new business owners will work.

Either way, you’ll build a black women’s network organically when you sign up and get active within the group. You’ll likely find a business mentor ready to help you amongst the many members you meet.

When you join, you’ll connect with a team that will help you access the resources you need for your business, creating the motivation and confidence you need to succeed in an evolving economy. Along the way, that network may very well change your life, too.

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